Talking with Tom Boyle, co-founder of TrustBooks, trust accounting software for small law firms, at Clio Cloud Conference 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: Who am I talking with?

Tom Boyle: Tom Boyle here, one of the co-founders of TrustBooks.

Kevin O’Keefe: What does TrustBooks do?

Tom Boyle: We’re helping attorneys easily manage their trust account, while staying in compliance with their state bar.

Kevin O’Keefe: When did this all start yet?

Tom Boyle: Really, the conception was my conception. I’m a CPA and had a CPA practice, and was working almost exclusively with law firms and one of the very first questions you get when you go into pitch your service to a law firm, and you’re an accountant, is to say, do you know, trust accounting? So I had to come back with a real strong “absolutely.” Which led to becoming an expert like that. And I was using the products that exist that most small law firms use: Quickbooks, Excel. I was actually using both, to try and get a complete picture for the trust account, and just thought there’s gotta be something better. This is a pain point. These products aren’t built for trust accounting. And so that was the start, that was the conception of TrustBooks.Continue Reading Tom Boyle, Co-Founder of TrustBooks, on Always “Being On” as an Entrepreneur

Speaking with Keith Lee, founder of LawyerSmack, a private online community for lawyers, at Clio Cloud Conference 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: Who am I talking with?

Keith Lee: I am Keith Lee

Kevin O’Keefe: As far as we know.

Keith Lee: Yes, I have the badge. So it’s official.

Kevin O’Keefe: Keith, what do you do now? I mean, you’ve been a lawyer, maybe you’re still a lawyer, lawyer?

Keith Lee: Lawyer-ish. I have lawyer-like qualities still at this point.

Kevin O’Keefe: And you started something called LawyerSmack?

Keith Lee: Yeah, so years ago, I started Associates Mind blogging years ago. I wrote for Above The Law for a number of years. We know a bunch of the old same old jerk lawyers from back in the day, but about two years ago I started LawyerSmack, which is a private lawyer community.Continue Reading Keith Lee, Founder of LawyerSmack, on the Value of Building Community in the Legal Industry

Speaking with James Pittman, co-founder of Docketwise, fast, intelligent and intuitive immigration software for preparing your immigration forms, at Clio Cloud Conference 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: Who am I talking with?

James Pittman: I’m James Pittman co-founder at Docketwise

Kevin O’Keefe: And what is Docketwise?

James Pittman: Docketwise is a web-based platform

Speaking with Chris Smith, founder of Your Firm App, which provides lawyers the opportunity to place a uniquely branded app on the App Store and Google Play, at Clio Cloud Conference 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: Who am I talking with?

Chris Smith: Chris Smith. I’m an attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and a founder of Your Firm App.

Kevin O’Keefe: How long have you practiced law?

Chris Smith: I’ve been practicing for about 14 years now.

Kevin O’Keefe: What type of work do you do?

Chris Smith: Primarily family law, litigation, General Litigation and family law.

Kevin O’Keefe: Always in Oklahoma City?

Chris Smith: Oklahoma City. I’ve also practiced in Dallas, but primarily Oklahoma City.

Kevin O’Keefe: And then how did this idea come along? I mean, it’s not like most people are going to law school ready to start a legal tech company.

Chris Smith: Well, I was one of those guys that kept wanting to see a client-facing application so that we could easily communicate with clients on a native app.Continue Reading Chris Smith, of Your Firm App, on the Value of Clio and the Growth of Startups in Oklahoma City

Speaking with James Betzold, founder of PrimaFacie, a modern immigration forms and case management tool for immigration lawyers, at Clio Cloud Conference 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: Who am I talking with?

James Betzold: Hi, I’m a James Betzold, the founder of PrimaFacie.

Kevin O’Keefe: What does PrimaFascie do?

James Betzold: PrimaFascia is the immigration case management system. It syncs with Clio, and autofills forms that you’re going to need for immigration cases, and help overall management of the immigration aspects of the case.

Kevin O’Keefe: And how long have you been doing it?

James Betzold: We launched to the public in 2016, so a couple years.

Kevin O’Keefe: What were you doing before that?

James Betzold: I’m an immigration lawyer.

Kevin O’Keefe: So what gave you the crazy idea that hey, I can start a legal technology-based company?

James Betzold: An over abundance of confidence…

Kevin O’Keefe: Or as Jack or Rian called it, unreasonable optimism, or something like that. Irrational optimism is what they called it.Continue Reading James Betzold, Founder of PrimaFacie, On How He Was Inspired to “Build Something Better”

Talking with the man of the hour, Jack Newton, co-founder and CEO of Clio, at Clio Cloud Conference 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: I guess I know who I’m talking to. Who are you?

Jack Newton: I’m Jack Newton, the CEO of Clio.

Kevin O’Keefe: How old is Clio now?

Jack Newton: Clio turned 10 this past Monday, so a really auspicious anniversary for us where we had our 10 year anniversary of launching Clio to the world.

Kevin O’Keefe: The spirit of what I’m doing here is interviewing legal tech founders. You’re a little bit of a larger scale, and a lot of people are here because of you. How did you and Rian Gauvreau come up with the idea to do this thing?Continue Reading Jack Newton, Co-Founder and CEO of Clio, Reflects on the Company’s Ten Years in Legal Tech

Speaking with Mary Juetten, founder of Traklight, which helps clients identify, manage, and protect valuable intangible assets including IP, at Clio Cloud Conference 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: Who am I talking with?

Mary Juetten: Hi, I’m Mary Juetten from Traklight.

Kevin O’Keefe: What is Traklight?

Mary Juetten: So Traklight is something that you can use to do a business legal checkup, like, how are you doing? What kind of risks are you facing as a business, whether you’re an inventor with a business idea, all the way up to mid-sized company that doesn’t necessarily have a GC already.

Kevin O’Keefe: You’re also a lawyer.

Mary Juetten: I am a new lawyer.

Kevin O’Keefe: How’d you get the idea for Traklight? Where’d that come from?Continue Reading Mary Juetten, Founder of Traklight: “Starting a Business is Not For the Faint of Heart”

Speaking with Puneet Tiwari, CEO and co-founder of Evichat, a tool for lawyers to collect, review, and redact IM chat evidence from client mobile devices and social media accounts, at Clio Cloud Conference 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: Who am I talking with?

Puneet Tiwari: I’m Puneet Tiwari, CEO and co-founder of Evichat

Kevin O’Keefe: And what does Evichat do?

Puneet Tiwari: Evichat helps attorneys collect evidence from their clients’ mobile devices and Internet cloud accounts.

Kevin O’Keefe: So it’s not collecting the evidence via mobile devices, it’s collecting the evidence that’s on the mobile device?Continue Reading Puneet Tiwari, CEO of Evichat: “Execution is Everything”