Chatting with Matthew Volm, CEO and Founder of Tali,a hands-free time-tracking tool, at Clio Cloud Conference 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: Who am I talking with?

Matt Volm: I am Matt Volm, CEO and co-founder of Tali.

Kevin O’Keefe: Thanks so much for coming on the LexBlog series on legal tech founders. What gave you the idea to start this company? What were you doing at that time before you started it?

Matt Volm: At the time I was working in corporate finance for a healthcare company, but my wife is an attorney and so one night I saw her at our kitchen table with a pile of post-it notes and she was spending hours entering the information on the post-it notes and the info on the post-it notes was her billable time and so she was spending hours on this incredibly painful manual task and I randomly throughout the idea of, hey, what if you could use Alexa to get that job done? She would just track and log your time for you, and my wife thought it was not a bad idea, and that’s ultimately where where the idea came from.

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