It’s been a busy past few months for LexBlog’s  Legal Tech Founders Series.

Since LexBlog began this journey back at ILTACON, we’ve interviewed many founders throughout the legal technology industry, diving deep into the personal stories. We’re looking forward to continuing our mission to shine a spotlight on the good work legal entrepreneurs are doing around the world.

That being said, we’re excited to move the Legal Tech Founders Series to the Legal Geek conference this Wednesday. We’ll be interviewing several founders from companies both in the US and Europe, including Monax, Kira Systems, and Digitory Legal, to name a few.

Check in throughout Wednesday and Thursday to see individual interviews with these founders and hear their stories. CEO Kevin O’Keefe will also be tweeting his experience throughout the conference – if you’re interested, give him a follow @kevinokeefe or follow the hashtag #LegalTechFounders.

Attending Legal Geek 2018 and interested in doing an interview? Contact Caroline Hess at