The Legal Tech Founders Series ™ is a production of LexBlog, a global community of legal bloggers.

More than technology, new funding, customers and products, the interesting stuff about a legal tech company is often the story of how the company got started and, assuming it’s been going for a while, how it’s survived where others have failed.

LexBlog’s Legal Tech Founder Series shines a light on today’s legal tech startups and emerging growth companies – and their founders.

Hearing why someone was willing to go the road less traveled, quit their day job and forgo salary and security is inspiring — and entertaining.

We get out to conferences and cities where legal tech founders congregate to get the stories live on Facebook.

Questions not often asked get legal tech founders to open up.

  • Why did you start the company?
  • Who’d you do it with?
  • What was the problem you saw that you wanted to solve?
  • Why you? How did you see the solution?
  • How did you fund the start? Did you bootstrap?
  • How long after the start did it take to have customers?
  • When do you think you had it made — ar at least thought you would make it?
  • What was the low point?
  • What’s been most rewarding about founding a company?
  • What would you tell other potential legaltech founders?

Look forward to seeing you out there. If you want to be on the series you may reach me via email , text/call (206-321-3627) or social media.