Speaking with Ian Levit, co-founder and CEO of Levit & James, on his company’s 30+ years in the legal tech industry at ILTACON 2018.

Kevin O’Keefe: Who am I talking with?

Ian Levit: This is Ian Levit one of the founders and vice president of Levit & James.

Kevin O’Keefe: What does Levit & James do?

Ian Levit: We do software for law firms.

Kevin O’Keefe: And what does that mean? I mean, obviously you’re covering a lot of land.

Ian Levit: Well, our most successful product came out 14 years ago. It’s called Best Authority. It’s the most widely used product for Table of Authorities. In fact, 85 to 90% of the law firms attending ILTACON 2018 are customers.Continue Reading Ian Levit, Co-Founder and CEO of Levit & James, on the Keys to Longevity in Legal Tech